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 My Party Hi,hello,wassup,hey

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PostSubject: My Party Hi,hello,wassup,hey   Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:41 pm

Arcanie-heat wave, roar, fire blast, flare blitz
Metagross- psychic Rock Smash toxic shadow ball
gyrados thunder dragon pulse fire blast hydro pump
garchamp swords dance earthquake dragon claw substitute
dusknoir leer(im still thinking wat 2 put 2 remove leer) earthquake toxic shadow ball
electivire thunde thunderbolt discharge low kick
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PostSubject: Re: My Party Hi,hello,wassup,hey   Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:22 pm

Acanine: not a good choice, a decent speed...nothing that can out run anyone...especially dragonite and garchomp and the likes of those, i would sugesst getting rid of it. But it looks cool so FTW :3):
~heat wave
STAB move and burn rate... :3
~flare blitz
good attack and a STAB, noting too shabby, but its recoil rate T.T its really sad
~extreme speed
Quick attack on steriods...why did u delete it? u need this move to attac kfirst, at least try to chip away health Razz
~thunder fang
type coverage here! hits water types who want to get rid of it... Laughing

Metagross: a good attacker here but u need help lol...
STAB and a bonus lower sp. def
~meteor mash
one of the best steel type attack there is...resisted to 3 tpyes of pokemon... why did u delete it???
~thunder punch
type coverage, just incase water types decide to come in (they usually have high sp. def and resist steel)
~ice punch
type coverage, covers the ground weakness

Gyarados: GREAT ATTACKER D:< intimidate makes it BETTER-ER Laughing
type coverage...rock moves and a stab plus it hits 100% of the time, unlike aqua tail...
covers the electric type 4x weakness T.T
fer run lol ^^ and type coverage...AGAIN hits fellow water types and a 30% paralisis rate CEUL
~strength/fire blast
base attack of 80...good attack/ type coverage?? Laughing

Garchomp: GOOD ATTACKER WEWT!!! this is ur only good build, lol JK... Razz
~swords dance
ups attack to increase attack...DUH
~...whut u have
~...whut u have
~...whut u have

Dusknoir: a TANK...uhh...a TANK T.T
~shadow punch/ shadow ball
both are STAB, dusknoir is a attacker...but shadow punch has lower attack. Shadow punch hits 100% ALWAYS/ shadow ball has a higher base attack and lower sp def...
unexpected attack, lol, good choice ^^ and tpye coverage...incase pesky steel types come and tank it out
yay! horrible poison! bahahaha D:<
~mean look
Razz yay evil WEEEEE!!!! it works in tandem with toxic, making it hurt A LOT and cuz it can tank it can last, perfect when people have bad match ups

base attack 95, STAB...uhh nothing else cept low paralisis rate GOOD!
~low kick
can kick people's butt! okay bad pun, but u get it...many ground (usually comes with a rock part) are heavy so bigger the better...(that came out wrong Razz)
BIG SOUND, BIG ATTACK and 30% paralysis
~ice punch
type coverage, hits ground type, it's only weakness

so far so good! needs a little more improvement Razz
ur team currently is a 6.8/10
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Triple R

PostSubject: Re: My Party Hi,hello,wassup,hey   Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:53 pm

1. Arcanine has too many fire moves.
2. Metagross- it makes no sense to have Rock Smash and Toxic
3. Gyrados- he is a physical attacker, special attacks wont do much harm.
4. Garchomp- nice.
5. Dusclops_maybe Confuse Ray? protect? thunderwave? Attract? He is better as an Annoyer, since he has good defenses and has the pressure ability.
6. Electivire has three electic attacks, what are you high? Teach him Brick Break and Earthquake.
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PostSubject: Re: My Party Hi,hello,wassup,hey   

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My Party Hi,hello,wassup,hey
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